Resources and Services

We take care of people aged 19 and over at Your Health Home, PLLC.  We use a Patient Centered Medical Home approach with TeamSTEPPS process and workflows to maximize patient safety and improve outcomes in health maintenance and improvement. 

That translates to meaning we care for you and about you, striving to meet your needs and encouraging healthy goals on your own terms.  We want to eliminate risks not only to your health, but to your healthcare.

Traditional appointments as well as same day access utilize the athenahealth Patient Portal for patients complementing traditional personal service on the telephone or in person.  

Our team strives to offer a  safe and high quality environment, staff and equipment to promote the healing and wellness of the patients who entrust their health care and well being to our efforts. 

We provide preventive health care services as well as acute and chronic disease care which includes but is not limited to:



Resources for You

Preventive Health

Annual Examinations

Annual Preventive Health examinations are insurance-covered services tailored to age, sex and other characteristics focused on identifying problems or behaviors that can be addressed or modified before they cause symptoms or disease.

Preventive Health


Health Education and Counseling

Dr. Peterson and his staff can provide in-person education and counseling, as well as paper or web-based information to help you maintain or improve your health.

Healthcare Interventions

Chronic Disease Management

Whether the problem is common, like Diabetes, or uncommon, like Hemochromatosis, our Internal Medicine Team will address, set goals, and help you manage your disease.  If the problem is too complex for us alone, we will refer you to a specialist.  We will to add them to our team, and continue Your Health Home care. 

Healthcare Interventions

Acute/Urgent Illness Management

While we are not an Emergency Room or Urgent Care facility, we offer same or next day appointments for your convenience and needs be they a cold or sprain, or follow-up care after a hospital admission or emergency room visit.



World Trade Center - LHI Exams

We are registered to perform LHI annual exams for WTC responders