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New Patient Information

The insurance plans we participate are limited, as we've found that an undue amount of our time is diverted from patient care by administrative burdens imposed by some plans. These burdens place hurdles and barriers to good health care, share details of your health records unnecessarily with the insurers, and at times are used to arbitrarily deny care to seriously ill patients. 

We believe this is unfair to all our patients, whether they carry these particular insurance policies or not. We believe most of these adminstrative tasks have nothing to do with providing care, but do make it easier for the insurance plans to save money by delaying/denying care, and to help them receive government subsidies, (albeit under the guise of quality improvement) - another harmful effect of the Obamacare legislation.  We believe that your insurance company should not be arbitrarily demanding a copy of your entire medical chart once a year for them to pick through.

We are not accepting new patients with Humana insurance nor with Health Choice/Stewart Health. 

As of February 2018, previously unregistered new patient appointments begin in August.  Yes, we are booked out more than 6 months. 

Please call the office during business hours to arrange your new patient registration.  Registration in the office is only available 9:00 AM to 11 AM and 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM to avoid disrupting established patient care.  If you arrive at other times we’ll have to ask you to come back at the appropriate times.  Please remember to bring picture ID, Insurance Cards, and a list of all medical providers you’ve seen in the past two years with a contact telephone number for their office.