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Established Patient Information

We will no longer be participating with Humana or Health Choice/Stewart Healthcare Insurance Products after December 31, 2018.

  Patient appointments may be scheduled up to 6 months in advance.  You can call or use the Patient Portal to request appointments.  We keep up to 2 hours of appointment slots open until a day or two before so there usually are appointments available the same or next business day for established patients.  If you repeatedly miss appointments without giving us adequate prior notice, we may choose to deny future appointments or you may be subject to penalty fees before another appointment is scheduled. 

  We plan to room you at your appointment time. Please arrive at least ten minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order to have time to update address, insurance, billing, medication and medical history if you have not already done so through the Patient Portal. This will allow you to be roomed at your appointment time.

  Small children who require supervision are not only a distraction, but a potential source of germs that can be a threat to some of our patients whose immune systems are not up to par.  We request you not bring them to the office for the safety of others as well as their own.

We have an automated reminder service that calls, e-mails or texts a day or two before your appointment.  You do not need to call back if you are going to keep your appointment, but if you answer the call you will have an option to cancel or reschedule the appointment.

When the office is closed for lunch or after hours, the answering service picks up our call with a live operator.  They collect your information and send a message to me by text and e-mail.  We'll return non-urgent calls the next business day.

We have canine security at the office.  Please don't bring treats or other animals to the office.

  Remember we'll need to see any new insurance cards each visit.

  Please bring all prescription medications in the original containers with pharmacy labels to each and every appointment. Injectable medications - just bring a box or label with the pharmacy label and instructions. We will review the bottles in the exam room.

  Please bring any new vitamins, supplements or over the counter medications since your last visit so we can review them in the exam room.

  This allows us to verify your medications, when refills are due, assess compliance and update your medication list information.  Failure to do so may limit our ability to provide refills for you without another visit.  

  Prescription refills may take two business days to process, so don't wait until the last minute to request refills.

  Controlled substances require a face-to-face visit and will not be refilled otherwise. We do not replace lost, stolen or damaged controlled substance prescriptions.

If you need to seek care at urgent care or emergency room, or have a hospital admission, please notify us by calling the office number.  If we know you are on the way for an urgent problem, we can contact the providers there and give them your key health information to better coordinate and enhance your care.  

Patient Portal messages may not be delivered until the next time the office opens.


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Call Us at (928) 680-3343


Non-emergent calls will be returned the following business day